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Greg Vail Music
SAXBOY in the US
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Saxboy - aka GVsaxboy, Saxman Greg Vail

Saxboy here,

What is Saxboy? A somewhat lame nickname given by an old boss to imply control over, better than and want-a-be; Syn. Water boy, bat boy, ball boy. You know? Saxboy! Can you bring me that water? Fetch me my stand SAXBOY.

Saxboy was a major demotion from Saxman, which I once was, but I was a sideman again and that was fine. After a while it really bothered me but little could be done at that point.

Once reminded of the Boy Wonder and Bat Boy, you know the sidekicks in the old shows, I began to embrace this silly name SAXBOY, and started using it online.

I have been SAXBOY for many years now and many only know me only as SAXBOY.




Check out my web sites and drop me a note when you can.

Primary Web Site:

OTHER Sites:

www.Saxophone.US. A U.S. Sax Players site and Saxophone Resources with gear, Saxes, and accessories all for working sax players. - Sax Reviews and comparison of Sax's from a team of writers and sax pros. is a new site dedicated to young teen musicians with a Teen Jazz Directory, Articles and Forum. - A Dedicated Alto Sax site with Pictures, Sound Clips, articles and more. - A dedicated Tenor Saxophone site with Pictures, Sample Clips, articles, and a cool Virtual Sax to play. - Greg Vail, AKA SAXBOY Blog - A Day in the Life... - The New Teen Jazz Forum is up and running for younger musicians to post and ask questions about JAzz, Saxophone and more.

Coming Soon -,, and dedicated CD sites for each of the CDs on Greg Vail Music.

SAXBOY is Greg Vail and Greg Vail is the Saxophone online in the US. Internet searches regarding the Saxophone and Jazz bring return results for a Greg Vail website, top 10, most the time all over the world.

It is our commitment to continue web development of new and exisiting sites to deliver the highest quality results while using the search engines. With so many sites focused on PPC money or sales, the Greg Vail sites are here for information and help to the music world and saxophone community.

Thanks for your interest and continued support virtual land!!!


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